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BTO and Ascenion enter partnership to bring research to new markets in Europe

Bergen Teknologioverføring and Ascenion GmbH have signed a partnership agreement to cooperate in the area of assessing and exploiting research findings. This will help bring BTO in a position to introduce technologies from its portfolio to new markets in Europe.

Ascenion will, in addition to offer basic consultant services, assist BTO with commercialization of BTO technologies, in particular through licensing, spin-offs collaboration or sale.

In return, BTO will assist Ascenion with the commercialization of projects in disciplines where it has a high level of competence. This includes among others oil, gas and marine projects.


– We are pleased to have signed this agreement with Ascenion. Ascenion has a great track record in commercialization of technologies within the health sector, and we believe that our projects will benefit from the Ascenion teams great experience and network. It will help us serve our clients even better than we manage today, and most important; to make sure that our projects find its application, says Anders Haugland, Managing director of BTO.

Ascenion, a subsidiary of the LifeScience-Stiftung (Foundation) for the promotion of science and research, works in the area of technology transfer and offers research facilities a complete range of activities associated with the assessment, development and commercialization of inventions, know-how, technologies and intellectual property rights.


– We look forward to share our experiences with our colleagues from BTO and to find new possibilities to commercialise projects. It is an exciting opportunity for us to learn from each other and join forces to move projects into application, says Susanne Letzelter, Corporate Development & Communication of Ascenion.

 You can find the full press release here:

Press release – BTO and Ascenion enter partnership

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