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Gründerdagen Z – Learn business the lean way

Gründerdagen Z is a popular event among entrepreneurs and start-ups in Sogn og Fjordane. This year BTO's Caspar M. Lund is one of the main speakers.

When Gründerdagen Z was held in October 2014 it was a huge success. Over 70 participants from the county of Sogn og Fjordane attended the conference. Innovation Norway and Kunnskapsparken i Sogn og Fjordane got a lot of good feedback and several wishes for more such events. As a result of this a new Gründerdagen Z is scheduled on19th May.

BTO is one of several contributors at the conference. Caspar M. Lund, business developer at BTO, advocates that finding a quick and cheap way to assure the quality of a business idea is the way to go. In Førde he will outline his view and give participants an introduction to Lean Startup.

I look forward to meeting many enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Through BTOs collaboration with the Kunnskapsparken i Sogn og Fjordane I have gained insight into an exciting and growing entrepreneurial environment in the county. My ambition is to give them some hints and tips on how they can succeed without using too much money in the startup phase, Lund says.

Caspar is a sought after speaker and has held several lectures on the subject.

The conference will also offer inspiring success stories from entrepreneurs in Sogn og Fjordane. Espen Lothe, the entrepreneur behind Kinn Bryggeri, will talk about the relationship towards competitors. Ingvill Hestenes from Melin Medical and Halvor Gregusson representing Rocketfarm will also share their experiences. You can find the full program here.

Scandic Sunnfjord Hotell in Førde

19th May 2015

Gründerdagen Z is a collaboration between Ernst & Young, Fjord Invest, Innovation Norway, Kunnskapsparken Sogn og Fjordane and Sunnfjord Næringsutvikling.