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Interns traveled to Netherlands

Since 2008 BTO has given 35 talented students an opportunity to work part-time alongside their studies. An important part of their learning process is an intern trip to the Netherlands to learn more about technology transfer and innovation.

During their trip they visit the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) that commercializes innovations developed in the space sector, the largest incubator in Europe Yes!Delft and the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship. The interns were given real cases to solve, and presented their solutions at the end of day. This gives the interns the possibility to learn from some of the largest facilities for technology transfer and innovation in Europe.

It was specifically interesting to see how innovative solutions was integrated in new space solutions, and how these solutions could then be transferred to other areas of industry. For instance that technology from the international space station can be used in the automobile industry, says Stian Konradsen, one of the interns at BTO.

This year’s trip was organized by Tor Aase Johannessen, associate professor at NHH and senior advisor at BTO.

– The main idea behind the program is to give BTO interns the opportunity to visit other Technology Transfer Offices (TTO’s) and Incubators across Europe. The intent is to give the interns impulses to further work in the field of innovation, and to create contacts from the network across Europe. In Netherland, we get to visit some of the most interesting TTO’s and incubators across Europe during a short period of time, says Johannessen.

About the internships

BTO have since the beginning of the program had approximately five to six interns on an annual basis. The interns are aspiring students with strong academic scores and a keen eye for innovation, and their main tasks are market analysis, financial budgeting, business model development, company valuation and communication activities.

We appreciate contributions from our student interns, and know that they help the organization to grow and provide better services. We also believe that BTOs team will get new inputs from aspiring students. The interns will in return get knowledge on technology transfer, and experience from a dynamic work environment.

There are many benefits connected to having interns in a company. The obvious reason is a relief connected to work load, but more important is their fresh eyes which  often gives us new and interesting point of views, says Steffen Boga, Business Developer at BTO.