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Bring your idea to the next step

ACCEL Subsea Next Step 2015 has now been launched. The program targets growth companies working with new products, services, business and/or spin-offs, and will help you to structure, specify and establish a strategy for your idea.

Since 2011, four ACCEL-programs directed towards the Subsea industry have been carried out. In total, 22 companies have attended the program and the feedback from the participants has been great.

The program provides an introduction to Lean Startup, and concepts like learning cycles, MVP, pivot and business model canvas. Lean Startup is a method that focuses on relecant and rapid product and service development. The method helps you to prioritize smart and develop the most relevant parts of your idea, without using an unnecessary amount of resources.

The Product Champion Manager of Trelleborg Offshore Norway, Gry Lysaker Hals, recommends Subsea Next Step. She says that “The program has been very useful. We have been introduced to business models that can directly be used in projects and can thus be presented to clients, colleagues and board of directors. The models we have learned have also contributed to a clarification of our strategy and a pointed focus in projects.”

About ACCEL Subsea Next Step

The program is a cooperation between Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) and NCE Subsea. BTO contributes with strong competences and personnel connected to business development and implementation of the program. NCE Subsea has experience in the industry, and personnel with background in technological development from the subsea sector.

DNB, Statoil and AkerSolutions sponsor the program.

Deadline for submitting your application is 25th of April 2015.

Read more about ACCEL Subsea Next Step 2015 and enter your application here.