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Media companies learned to think lean

TV 2 Sumo, BT.no, Alf Gundersen, Vimond, Knowit and Sixty have all participated in the ACCEL Media programme conducted this winter. During the five course dates they received practical training in innovative methods and tools and expanded their network.

The course was well received by the participants and the instructors received nice feedback on the last day. Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media, was one of the instructors who contributed in the programme. – I am very impressed by the program. It is obvious that the participants benefited from the guidance, she said.

On the last day of the programme, pitching was on the agenda. In the picture you see Helge Høibraathen, CEO of Vimond Media Solutions, giving his presentation.

ACCEL Media was arranged by NCE Media and BTO, and sponsored by DNB and Innovation Norway.

The value of a lean mind-set

Caspar Macody Lund and Nils-Eivind Holmedal were responsible for the programme, and Katinka Tofte and Kjetil Myhren-Berge assisted.

– The media industry is going through a crazy change. The traditional methods and procedures when it comes to product and service development are too time consuming and are not in line with the customers’ requests. The industry therefore needs to learn more from entrepreneurs, says Caspar.

– During the program, we noted that those with a traditional mind-set gradually opened up to think more according to Lean Startup around how to work with the development of new products and services.

ACCEL – fueled by BTO

ACCEL is an innovation program for entrepreneurial companies and established businesses. The program is aimed at providing highly qualified assistance for a handful of selected companies to develop a viable business plan. At the end of the program the companies present their business plans to prospective investors and customers. Businesses and students are encouraged to join and receive practical training in innovative methods and tools as well as to expand their network.

Together with NCE Subsea and Bergen University College, BTO launched the program in 2011. Since then ACCEL has brought together 205 participants and contributed to the establishment or growth of 43 companies thanks to the increasing number of sponsors and mentors. The various ACCEL programs are directed either towards entrepreneurs with early business ideas or towards established companies working with new products, services, business and spin-offs.