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Innovative cancer treatment attracts media attention

Bergens Tidende has published an article about a new and innovative method for the treatment of prostate cancer. The method was developed by an emigrated Norwegian, and BT tells the story of how coincidences followed by dedicated work has brought the license to Haukeland University Hospital for further development.

Every year, 5000 Norwegian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. 20% of these dies of the disease, and currently available treatment options can give troublesome side effects as incontinence, impotence, reduced initiative and reduced vitality. In other words, there is a great need for new and better treatment.

Cryo-immunotherapy is a new and innovative treatment developed by the emigrated Norwegian Haakon Ragde. The method of treatment mobilizes the patient’s own immune system to attack cancer cells, and it has shown promising results internationally. Ragde has transferred a license for the treatment to Bergen where an interdisciplinary team of doctors at Haukeland University Hospital have done further development on the method and will soon conduct clinical trials.

Haukeland University Hospital will be the first hospital in the world to test the complete method. A number of specialists needed to conduct the method of treatment are involved in the project, including urologists, hematologists, radiologists and oncologists.

BTO is the largest individual owner in the company Alden Cancer Therapy II. BTO is also responsible for administrative and legal tasks in the project, and contributes to obtain funding.

The article was presented at the front page of BT, and covered three pages in Sunday’s printed newspaper. Read the full story at BT.no: Gaven til gamlelandet (In Norwegian)

Picture: facsimile bt.no