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BTO joins Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is the world’s largest celebration of entrepreneurs. BTO is joining in to offer activities in Bergen on Tuesday the 18th, and we encourage everyone who is interested in innovation and entrepreneurship to join.

During GEW, 35 000 inspiring events will be happening all around the world. GEW inspires people everywhere through local, national and global activities, and is arranged from November the 17th – 23rd. During this week, activities and events will open for everyone who wants to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation.

This year, BTO is responsible for the First Tuesday, and will organize activities on November 18th. Caspar Lund, business developer here at BTO, will give an introduction to “lean start-up”, and explain how this new way of thinking changes the way we look at business development. In addition will Adam Berk, a Lean Entrepreneur and Lean Teacher, give important insight into which problem we are actually solving.

Nyskapingsparken is also offering activities during the GEW. On Monday the 17th, the incubator will be open for visitors, and a lecture by May Kristin Røen is held on Wednesday the 19th. For more information about the activities at Nyskapingparken, click here.

We hope everyone joins in on the activities and signs up to participate.


Clck here to sign up for BTOs lecture

To see the full itinerary for GEW in Bergen, click here (no longer available).

For more information about GEW, click here.