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Award winning idea can be a game-changer

This fall, BTO and Sparebanken Vest organised the idea competition for the fifth time. This year’s winner of the 300,000 NOK reward money was Professor Bodil Holst with an idea to verify a new method for mask-based lithography.

Holt’s project is called “Nano Lace, A New Lithography Method”, and the aim is to find  a new method for masked-based lithography. Lithography refers to a process used in the electronics/semiconductor industry for producing electronic components (micro-chips). This new technology can provide a resolution down to 0.5 nm, compared to the 20 nm resolution that is offered today. Also, by replacing the photon rays with rays of helium, the energy consumption significantly decreases, enabling the phone battery to live longer.

«This project is a perfect example for how basic research and applied research goes hand in hand, and personally I think this is one of the best ideas I have ever had. I am grateful that others hold the same opinion,» says Bodil Holst.

Holst says the award money will be used to finance a trial for more masks than originally planned, which will strengthen the projects appeal when they start to seek further funding.  She was given the award during Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s annual conference on November 14th.

You can watch a recording of the award ceremony here.

A game-changer 

«The winning entry is a very exciting and innovative project aiming very high within a global multi-billion dollar market. The technology addresses the core problem of limitation in the size of microchips, and could enable many new applications in electronics. The solution is a new and radical method, and the technology has a variety of uses.

The market for semiconductors in the US alone is 146 billion dollars, and if the idea succeeds it will be a game-changer in this market. The jury considers the project as having high potential, but also a high risk. The jury praise the inventor to be courageous and to think big. The winning entry also illustrates the great scope of research in Bergen,» says the jury in their statement.

The jury focused on the ideas degree of innovation, commercial potential, usefulness for the society and its likelihood to succeed in their evaluation of the contributions.

About the competition

Since 2010, four idea competitions have been completed, and each year the winners have received money to fund further development of the idea. The aim of the competition is to stimulate commercialisation of research results, enhance the environment for research and commercialisation, and to create attention for the importance of research and innovation. This year’s competition had an increase in submissions from last year, and it was a tough competition between several strong contributions from a variety of disciplines.



“It will be of great value to realise more of the innovative ideas from the research institutions in Bergen. Innovative ideas are important contributors to future growth and development, and through this competition we wish to emphasise the skilful researchers and employees in Bergen,” says Randi E. Taxt, vice president of BTO.


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