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16 MNOK to BerGenBio

BerGenBio AS has been granted a 16 million Seeding Drug Discovery Award from the UK’s Wellcome Trust, a Global independent charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in health by supporting the brightest minds.

The grant will be used to develop novel small molecule inhibitors against BGB002, BerGenBio’s proprietary, novel cancer target.

The Wellcome Trust was set up in 1936 under the will of Sir Henry Wellcome, who vested the entire share of his pharmaceutical company, The Wellcome Foundation (sold in 1995), in a charitable trust.

Today, they sponsor more than 5000 researchers globally and spend about 1.2 billion dollar every year.  Their objective is to bridge the gap between fundamental research and commercial application. Read more about the Wellcome Trust here.

BerGenBio AS is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, established by BTO (on behalf of UiB) in 2008. The company is a result of a successful commercialization of a project by Professor Jim Lorens and Dr. David Micklem.

Read more about the grant at Oslo Cancer Cluster’s pages: “16 MNOK to BerGenBio from the Wellcome Trust”