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How to make a project appeal to external investors

External investment in the FORNY projects was the main topic at this year’s FORNY conference in Kristiansand. Several of BTOs business developers and management participated in the conference, getting useful insight into what investors look for when deciding how and when to invest. Both the given lectures and the featured debate reviled important aspects to consider when seeking external funding.

The investor, and leader of Televenture, Rune Rinnan was one of the lecturers at the conference. He mentioned that an existing marked demand is among the things investors want in order to invest in research projects. “Give me the game changers with the fastest road to the market. We are not looking for the best solution. We are looking for what the marked wants”, he said. Rinnan has, in cooperation with Televenture and the TTOs in Norway, started the systematic search for these game changers through the three investment funds NIK I, NIK II and NIK III.

At the debate, Jan Biti mentioned how to spot the golden bird among the different projects. “If you´re building a company that can sell for 500 mNOK, it is a clear premise to think big from the beginning. Do the right things! Have the right perspective! Keep your focus on the market! », he said. He also urged the business developers to set bigger and more ambitious goals, and to be clear about what they want.

Torkil Bjørnson also participated in the debate. He emphasized the need to think in terms of customer value. He mentioned one concrete advice; “Lift up the phone and call a potential customer. Try to sell him the product you´ve made. Listen to his response. Then you might have an aha-moment”.


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