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New treatment for prostate cancer

Bergens Tidende (BT) has published an article featuring Alden Cancer Therapy in relation to their upcoming clinical trial. Every year, 5000 Norwegian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the disease is fatal for 20 percent of them. This fall, Alden Cancer Therapy will start a trial with their cryoimmunotherapy, a method that have fewer side effects and may increase life expectancy as well as increase chance of survival.

“We are careful not to make too many promises, but if it works as we have seen in smaller trials, we can make the cancer retract, better the patient’s general condition and reduce pain”, says the chairman of Alden Cancer Therapy, Karl-Henning Kalland to BT.

The treatment was originally developed by Haakon Ragde, a Norwegian emigrant currently living in the States. He has transferred the licensing to Alden Cancer Therapy, and thereby brought the research back to Norway. BTO have been involved since this transfer to Bergen and are co-owners of the company.

Kalland describes the treatment as a two part procedure. A special needle is inserted into the tumor to kill off parts through freezing. In addition, dendritic cells are retracted from the patient’s blood, stimulated and inserted into the frozen part of the tumor. The cells ensure that the immune system attack cancer tissue in the rest of the body.

The upcoming trial will treat 20 patients, for a total cost of 6 MNOK. Grieg Foundation and Herman Friele have already contributed with respectively 1 MNOK and 300 000 NOK, and Monica Lislerud, a business developer here at BTO, is optimistic with regard to getting the final funding.

“We support this [the project] because it is research that can make a difference”, says Per Hagelien, chairman of Grieg Foundation. “We wish to support an international, highly rated project”, says the former mayor in Bergen, Herman Friele.

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