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Conference in Norway to discuss commercialization of research in Europe

This May, Europe’s TTOs were gathered in Oslo for ASTP Protons annual conference. The conference was held to discuss the challenges concerning commercializing ideas and results from university researchers across Europe.

It is the second time the ASTP Protons annual conference is held in Norway, and from the 14. _ 16. of May employees and contributors from TTOs around Europe were gathered in Oslo. A total of 11 employees from BTO were present at the conference, and discussed the innovation challenges together with the other 300 participants, from over 30 different countries.

The conference was jam-packed with learning and networking possibilities from day one, and the theme of the conference was From Knowledge Transfer to creating Impact. “This year, it was very interesting to see that we are moving from pure technology transfer to knowledge transfer to creating impact,” said Matt-Leubner before the end of the conference.

Although Norway has established many successful businesses, especially in the field of marine, oil and gas, we still have challenges and goals to work towards. “Norway has many innovative companies, but is still only ranked as number 17 in Europe when it comes to preformed innovation”, said Anne Kjersti Fahlvik, the innovation director of the Research Council of Norway, as she introduces the conference.

Sharing these types of challenges and experiences enables the TTOs of Europe to further develop and improve, and meetings like these are therefrom important for the technology transfer offices in Europe. The next conference will be held in Prague, Check Republic in November.

Read the article about the conference here (in Norwegian).