Hopp til innhold

Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) har skiftet navn til VIS.

Du har nå kommet til VIS sin nye nettside. Visinnovasjon.no erstatter nettsidene bergento.no og nyskapingsparken.no.

Det formelle navneskiftet ble foretatt 14. februar 2019.

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New interns at BTO

Five new interns started with their introduction week at BTO today. During a four days course they will be introduced to BTO and have different sessions in the areas where BTO operate – like the business model, market analysis and venture financing. Case work will also be a part of the introduction week.

All of the new interns are highly motivated master students from NHH, with experience or competence within entrepreneurship, innovation and business analysis. Three of them are students from respectively Ghana, Lithuania and Singapore.

It’s important for us to have a close relationship with students since we believe they are the future employees. Since 2008 BTO has given 28 students the opportunity to work as business analysts and communication assistants part-time alongside their studies. Some of them went into permanent positions after they graduated.