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BerGenBio strengthen its Board of Directors

BerGenBio announced last week the appointment of Dr. Barrie Ward, former KuDOS CEO, to its Board of Directors.BerGenBio is an emerging oncology biopharma from Bergen focusing on developing new cancer drugs. Dr. Ward has had a long and successful career in both academia and industry. His appointment represents a further strengthening of the company as it remains on track to commence Phase I trials of lead candidate BGB324, a first in class AXL inhibitor within the next few months.

Richard Godfrey, BerGenBio’s CEO, welcomed Dr. Ward’s appointment: «As BGB324 prepares to enter the clinic and we start to refine our pipeline, collaboration and eventual commercialization strategies, Barrie’s experience and network of contacts will be invaluable.”

Dr. Ward added: » I am excited to have the opportunity to work BerGenBio to develop their lead compound as a first in class molecule in an important field treatment of cancer In addition I can also see excellent commercialisation opportunities and the possibility to build an attractive pipeline for investors over
the next few years.»

Notes to editors
BerGenBio AS is a biopharmaceutical company located in Bergen, Norway. The company is committed to developing first in class therapeutics inhibiting EMT and the formation of cancer stem cells and preventing or reversing mechanisms of drug resistance. BerGenBio has a deep understanding of Cancer biology and in particular the tumor micro-environment, biomarkers and novel cancer treatments. The company is founded on proprietary platform technology called CellSelect™, which uses information from RNAi screening studies to identify and validate novel drug targets and biomarkers.

BerGenBio was established in 2007 based on research results developed by researchers at the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Bergen, together with BTO. The company is located at Bergenn Biomedical Incubator at Haukeland University Hospital.