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One2touch – the foldable, no-charging keyboard for smartphones – in DN 02.02.2012

One2touch is the worlds first NFC full size keyboard for smartphones. It's developed in Bergen by Haukeland Hospital employee and commercialised by BTO, launched in Las Vegas last month and soon available for the japanese market. Attend the Innovation conference GROW 2012 at 15th of March in Bergen and experience live-demo

One2touch is a foldable and portable keyboard designed for mobile users and which utilizes near-field communication technology. Users can simply put their NFC mobile phone on the keyboard and ultimately start typing away. This portable NFC keyboard gets rid of the usual pairing process we associate with using new accessories. Plus, no cables are necessary, the keyboard gets its power from the mobile phone. Doesn’t need batteries or charging!

One2touch was launched at CES in Las Vegas in January, and the first batch of keyboards will be available in Japan in May. At the innovation conference GROW 2012 taking place in Bergen 15th of March, participants can experience live demo.

The norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv interviewed the designers at Eker Design, and BTOs business developer Dag Finne. Check out the article 2nd of February here (Norwegian)
Dagens Næringsliv 2. februar 2012 «Norsk sammenleggbart tastatur skal gjøre mobilen til en ekstra PC», les hele artikkelen (ikke lenger tilgjengelig).