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Stipendcompetition value NOK 200 000,- download form here!

BTO and Sparebanken Vest repeat the success from last year with a new stipend competition. The purpose is to recognise the best idea or research result with commercial potential stemming from research institutions in Bergen. This time we announce 1 grant, of which NOK100 000,- will be awarded in cash + up to value NOK 100 000,- in business development. Researchers and staff at all research institutions in Bergen (including, researchers, phd-students, post.doc) may apply. Deadline 3rd March. Download form here

The stipend will be awarded to the idea or research result that the jury believe has the best commercial potential. The winner(s) decide themselves how to use the part of the stipend of which 100 000,- is awarded in cash. The other part is value upt to NOK 100 000,- in business development.

Please fill out the form according to your best knowledge, no more than 3,4 pages. The purpose of this form is to enable the jury to evaluate the commercial potential, and to have enough information to announce a winner.

  • Form Norwegian (word doc)
  • Form English (word doc)
  • Example, filled out form (word doc, norwegian)
  • These files are no longer available. 

All applications will be handled confidential. Only BTO employees and the jury will have access to the applications.

Deadline applications: 3rd of March 2011
Email to: stipend@bergento.no

Announcement winner
The winner of the stipend will be announced at the innovation conference GROW 2011, 16th of March.

Who may apply?
Researchers and staff at University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital, Institute of Marine Research, and Bergen University College (including, researchers, phd-students, post.doc) may apply.

Contact us by telephone: 55 58 30 50, or email post@bergento.no


From left: PhD Christian Bergfjord and Professor Bodil Holst, Institute Physics & Technology, UiB, Associate Professor Bengt Erik Haug from Centre for Pharmasy and researcher Nathalie Reuter (not present), Institute of Molecular biology. Associate Professor Henk Keers, Institute of Geoscience, UiB. Wife of Professor Gerald Eigen, Institute Physics & Technology, UiB.