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Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) har skiftet navn til VIS.

Du har nå kommet til VIS sin nye nettside. Visinnovasjon.no erstatter nettsidene bergento.no og nyskapingsparken.no.

Det formelle navneskiftet ble foretatt 14. februar 2019.

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BTO raised NOK500 000,- to ARRG AS

The BTO start-up ARRG AS was granted Innovation Norway establishment fund worth NOK500 000,- last week. The fund is granted at a very fortunate period in time for the company, now experiencing increased interest after having launched the first product - ARad - this fall. The grant will be very valuable in bringing the company to the next level.

ARad is a cell phone application that allows the user to visualize printet digital contents. ARad was lanunched this fall in a poster campaign for the motion picture “Trolljegerne”, in collaboration with Norway’s largest single-copy newspaper VG

ARRG AS is a full-range supplier of Augmented Reality-solutions. The company has its origin from the University of Bergen. Today, the team is formed by Jan A Johnsen, CEO, Creative Director, Ingerid Rødseth, PhD in information science, and Tor Gjøsæter, CTO, research fellow UIB. The team has a unique combination of skills and experience that allows the company to capture the whole Value Chain – from software development over IT infrastructure establishment to digital content creation.

Download ARad here