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BTO raised NOK500 000,- to ARRG AS

The BTO start-up ARRG AS was granted Innovation Norway establishment fund worth NOK500 000,- last week. The fund is granted at a very fortunate period in time for the company, now experiencing increased interest after having launched the first product - ARad - this fall. The grant will be very valuable in bringing the company to the next level.

ARad is a cell phone application that allows the user to visualize printet digital contents. ARad was lanunched this fall in a poster campaign for the motion picture “Trolljegerne”, in collaboration with Norway’s largest single-copy newspaper VG

ARRG AS is a full-range supplier of Augmented Reality-solutions. The company has its origin from the University of Bergen. Today, the team is formed by Jan A Johnsen, CEO, Creative Director, Ingerid Rødseth, PhD in information science, and Tor Gjøsæter, CTO, research fellow UIB. The team has a unique combination of skills and experience that allows the company to capture the whole Value Chain – from software development over IT infrastructure establishment to digital content creation.

Download ARad here