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Good news for one2Touch – Received 300.000 NOK from Innovasjon Norge

The non-battery wireless keyboard one2Touch has received 300.000 NOK from Innovasjon Norge for further development of the technology.

The technology behind the One2touch solves common problems of today’s mobile phones. The mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful,  and are more alike to a small computer. However, their keyboards and displays are usually too small to utilize all the functions a handset can and should provide to its end user. One2touch is the first wireless, non-battery keyboard developed. It is called the One2touch and powers up by inductively connecting to the mobile phone. Its wireless application solve common problems of regular keyboards used by people on the move. Once the two devices – the One2touch keyboard and a mobile phone – are wirelessly connected, they can exchange information or access content and services. Furthermore, the keyboard obtains energy and communicates through the electromagnetic field of a mobile phone. 2touch keyboard is available through One2touch AS.

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